Okay, given the amount of relevance Fenrir has to the game, it is time to post some of his relevant data.

Fenrir's modus operandi is relatively unique amongst the gods, in that he is extremely attentive to the events of the mortal plain. He is meticulous in his preparations, devious in his concealment of his plans, and he is not rooted in tradition. He has been known to negotiate and trade actively with the scientific realm, and to involve himself in political circles, sometimes even leaving the realm, which is known to be a dangerous move for gods, since they can be killed (which is very inconvenient for a time) out of realm. Very little occurs that Fenrir cannot or does not turn to his own advantage, and he is adept at constructing win-win situations for himself.

Fenrir appears to have begun a large operation starting in 2020, when the loyalty of Darron Owrey gave him a means to reverse-engineer a werewolf curse that would function outside of the realms. His purchases and assets began to vary wildly, and his hidden assets became more difficult to connect to him. Large sums of money began being used to purchase religious and political support, and massive media ties were puchased or created. On the full moon evening of May 3, 2023, significant portions of several European countries were transformed into svartskoll. Many blame Fenrir directly, but his subgod Ryu took full responsibility for the action, while Fenrir himself began taking major actions to curtailing the spread of this curse, denouncing the release of such a curse, and promising aid and reparations to all affected individuals.

Fenrir only has three reliable allies, in Loki, Hati, and Skoll. The rest of Midgard's gods are either indifferent to him, or opposed to the expansionist god's machinations. He has numerous demigod lieutenants. His territory is not continuous, and is most strong in southern Sweden, interior Norway, northern Norway, and interior Finland.

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