Setting errata

Technology rules:

The basic rules of technology in-realm are as follows:
-Electricity does not flow. Nervous systems and lightning appear to be exceptions.
-Electromagnetic radiation is only possible from infrared to the low end of UV. Gamma, X-ray, radio, microwave are all invalid and simply do not exist.
-Radioactive materials become inert very quickly, usually by following their standard progressions at an infinitely faster rate.
-Synthetic materials break down very quickly. For plastics this may mean that they grow brittle and break apart over a day or two. Kevlar and many resins may last up to a week. Many standard metals suffer increased oxidization, but this is not always prohibitive.
-Explosions cannot occur. All explosive materials will still burn, but no burn has any kind of kinetic energy.

The border between scientific and realm rulesets is very sudden. Space is either one or the other, never both, there is no middle ground.
Ferrous magnets function as per normal, despite the limitation on electricity.
Pneumatics and water-based hydraulics function as per normal.

Current Technologies

Magic rules:

There are several types of "magic", each functions slightly differently.
-Divine blessings or curses are the mainstay, and can come in one-shot or ongoing varieties. One-shot effects, such as turning a lump of lead into gold, are permanent, the effect remaining even when taken out of a realm. Ongoing effects that require constant influx of divine power can be interrupted temporarily or permanently by a departure from the realms, depending on the strength and quality of the magic.
-Unmarked sorcery is fairly rare, and generally is not powerful. An unmarked human has domain over his own power, and some have learned to use it, but for ongoing effects, their range is sharply curtailed. Most applications tend to be minor "practical arts" cantrips, though there are unconfirmed stories of powerful sorcerers, generally in stories held by realm natives.
-Muse sorcery is a class apart from the gods. Enigmatic and not at all well documented, muse effects tend to be by far the most powerful, and are generally able to carry on regardless of location. Confirmed instances are very rare.
-Natural magics, such as those that allow winged beings flight despite a complete disregard for the laws of aerodynamics, are interrupted by departure from the realms, but do not appear to be able to be permanently disrupted in ordinary circumstances.
-Underworld and Overworld magics permeate both locations, and appear to have complex interactions and chaotic rules. Many do not work outside of their respective planes of existence, even within a realm. Their effects can include many examples that other magics are not capable of.
-Old magic is the domain of certain beings, and was previously used by the gods themselves, before a different 'ruleset' to what they could and could not do came to be. This stuff can defy many rules, and is often quite powerful. In order to have survived this long, it's generally tied to a being or object, in the form of an enchantment. Under most circumstances, no new enchantments can be made, they're called Old Magics for a reason.

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