Minotauros - "Minotaurs"

Realm: Hellas
Typical Height Range: Males - 6' to 7'6" /// Females - 6' to 7'3""
Typical Weight Range: Males - 350 -550 lbs /// Females 325 - 475 lbs
Typical Alignments: N/L
Typical Marks: Any Hellenic
Forcemarks: Zeus, Hermes, Ares, Hera
Instinctive Traits: Calm, Loyalty, Valour

Minotaurs are very much as described in the legends of old: large thick-set bovines of impressive size and strength. They do, however, have a more tarnished reputation than they deserve, since nearly all minotaurs are slow to anger, and most will become actively involved in their surroundings and community. They don't enjoy the best reputation, because they're known for their battlefield imposition (they may be slow to anger, but once their blood is up, their apparent rage is formidable), and because many in the Pelopennisos live in proximity and cooperation with stormwings.

Their speed does not suffer as a result of their bulk, and even nimble fighters will have difficulty getting the drop on them. The inclusion of 'valour' in their instinct profile is not an indication that they are inherently inclined to good, but rather to self-sacrifice for their communities and allies.

Physically, minotaurs are almost always thick-set and brawny, regardless of gender. Their fur is short and coarse. Males have longer horns than females, and the horns are of different configurations from individual to individual. Likewise, coats vary, though Ares minotaurs have a tendency towards solid black coats.

Minotaurs are an old and well settled species, having spread accross the realm as work required, and as such, they can be aligned to nearly any god, and found in nearly any city.


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