Name: Matthew Green
Gender: Male
Species: Axex
Age: 41 (Born 1979)

Occupation: Field Technician
Home: Nomadic, overworld. Previously Texas, United States.
Languages: Kemet (replacing English), Spanish

Height: 6' at the shoulders,
Length: 10.5' beak to butt.
Weight: 1450lbs.
Build: Strong, floofy.
Coloration: Brown plumage similar to golden eagle, lion like fur. Coloration is muted, almost sun bleached.
Mark: Maahes


By 2010, the thought had solidified in Matthew's mind that not only was it all downhill from here, but that for all his effort, he had little to show for it: unrewarding career, no personal life, and various health issues that run in his family starting to affect him. Put simply, Matthew was not the most happy of people. It is not that he had a particular bad life compared to some, but the man was none the less quite simply miserable and had been for some time.

On the morning of March 1st, 2010, he woke up for work at 5:30am, beginning the increasingly longer routine it took to get him ready on his way. Somehow this morning was different. Something that had been wearing inside him for a long, long time finally broke.

Going through empty motions of his normal routine, he readied himself and made for the door as usual, getting into his truck and departing. He never made it. What began that day was instead a self-destructive, no-holds-barred binge.

Fast forward ten years by the real world timeline later. Matthew is not only no longer human, but he has become little more than a happy, hedonistic, lotus blitzed pet for the spring sprites of the overworld. Every day of his life for an unknown number of years has been just like the last: Eating, drinking, playing, humping, sleeping in the sun.


Matthew is clearly on the large end of the axex bell curve, roughly 6' tall at the shoulder and coming in at 3/4 of a ton. He is a relatively run of the mill axex, much a blend of lion and golden eagle resulting in a very lionesque looking body thanks to the floofy brown mane of feather and fur.

Atop his large head with the beak and eyes more akin to golden eagle than lion is a well worn 'Jayne Hat', custom fit with ear holes and all. Both the hat and his fur and feathers are somewhat muted, almost sun bleached, the hat taking the worst of it.

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