Realm: Midgard
Typical Height Range: 3'6" to 5'
Typical Weight Range: 60 to 110 lbs
Center of population: Southwest Midgard
Estimated population: xx native / xx former human


Jarfr resemble anthropomorphic weasels, though they do take after the animals they resemble than most realm species. They are generally of small and slender build with relatively short limbs, long spines and slopey shoulders, with fur colours running from ruddy browns through to dark creams. They can develop a white winter coat but this is rare as modern and realm clothing styles prohibit the need for additional insulation.

Jarfr stand fully upright on a plantigrade stance. Their hands and feet resemble those of humans but their hallux is almost vestigal, being the smallest digit on their feet, in stead they stand on their four other toes with extended central digits. Their feet have pads on their toes, with the pad on the ball of their feet joining with the one on their heel along the outside edge. Their hands have pads on the palm, wrist and digits. Their hands and feet both have sharp claws that are quite capable of helping them hang onto things, and other people. Females have two breasts and a typical litter of one or two, rarely more.

Jarfr facial features are generally musteline, with a powerfull jaw holding a nasty set of chompers, small ears and beady eyes. Most have longer fur on top of their heads which doesn't grow as rapidly as human hair, and is always close to their fur colour. Many take to shaving it down to the same length as their fur periodically. Jarfr vision is usually fairly poor, falling into the 10/20 and 15/20 range, and trichromatic. Their sense of smell is good, while their hearing is moderately better than human.

The Jarfr diet is generally omnivorous with a slight carnivorous bent, they prefer meat based foods and don't digest raw vegetables well. They have a greater tolerance for low quality food, tolerating uncooked and slightly off meat.


"One advantage to the Jarfr's ability to get themselves into trouble is that if they survive for long enough they learn to be very proficient at getting themselves and others out of trouble. If they realize that they are in trouble in the first place that is."

Roleplay Notes

Jarfr instincts include a mild wanderlust which requires them to change their enviroment every so often. They are often confrontational and short tempered, having little patience for external rulesets or control. They are also curious and coupled with being immune to claustrophobia they get themselves into and out of all kinds of situations.

They can get along well with sufficiently strong willed and agressive personalities as they have massuchistic tendencies, enjoying recieving pain and intimidation just as much as they enjoy dishing it out. They can get along with patient personalities but will more often than not rapidly grow tired of those people if they don't stimulate them in another way.

One of the greatest assets for Jarfr would be the so called war high. Jarfr and their larger cousins SannrJarfr? have the ability to enter into a state of higher mental acuity when sufficiently agitated. Experienced forcemarks often describe it as a state of being extremely aware and in controll while being entirely focused on the task at hand while in newer, less experienced forcemarks, this tends to manifest as a berserker rage. This, together with the general toughness of the musteline body make Jarfr an opponent not to be taken lightly despite their small stature.



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