The premise for the setting is that up until August 10, 2001, history is precisely as normal. At that time, three regions of the earth suddenly revert into a state of diety-controlled magic and mayhem. Specificly, Scandinavia, Greece, and Egypt all lose the capacity for modern technology to function, as they return to being dominated by their classical pantheons and populated by an array of mythos and humans. The specifics on this are in the Timeline chapter.

However, from our perspective in the year 2020, these three realms of magic have been around for 19 years, plenty of time for trade and diplomacy and time to have taken some of the edge off of the aftershocks. People and goods move freely in and out of these areas, for good and ill. The complex geopolitical and interpersonal relations that the new array of species and religions creates forms the backdrop against which our game is set. The play itself tends to deal with moving in and out of the realms for a myriad of reasons, be they for purposes of adventure, commerce, religion, research, or anything else.

This allows for modern individuals to conflict with some of the classic staples of mythology, in tandem with how the setting itself does. None of this Whitewolf faffing around in the shadows, everyone knows these things exist, and there are entire sectors of industry and politics built around it. Our characters have seen fit to get a piece of the action, in one way or another, and it's certain that extremes of good and ill will result.

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