Garrett Tsai

Name: Garrett Long Tsai
Nationality: Chinese-American?
Age: 24
Appearance: Face: http://tinyurl.com/3k26xf5 Garrett is a 5'7" ~160 pound Chinese-American? young man with a thin but very athletic frame. He has few long thin scars along his right arm.

Skills: Research, shorthand writing, first aid, sewing and mending, piano, yelling, several schools of Wushu (hand to hand and jian), physical flexibility, speaks English, Cantonese, Mandarin, and a smattering of Kemet, Koine Greek, and Norse.

Education: Currently in his first year of a masters degree with the University of California at Berkeley, studying Inrealm Cultural Anthropology.

Personality: Talkative, confident, stubborn, friendly, and forever in motion. Garrett is never the type to sit still (with the exception of video games), preferring tai chi to any other form of meditation or even general relaxation.

Bio: Born in San Francisco, California, Garrett grew up in a tightly knit supportive family. Both of his parents are from families who have been in the US for several generations, his mother Irish, his father southern Chinese. A thoroughly middle class family, Garrett and his siblings have been pushed hard to strive for best in life, with positive results - his older brother is a high powered lawyer and his sister is a California state representative. He has a positive relationship with all of his immediate family.

Garrett himself has been a very active person for much of his life, jumping from activity to activity. Intelligent and driven, Garrett has thrived in the academic world, eventually ending up at the University of Berkeley. His interest eventually settled on studying the realms, one of the few subjects that have managed to hold his attention for long than a semester. Due to somewhat personal reasons, Garrett now quests to find proof of the existence of other Pantheons besides those that have established realms, with a particular emphasis on finding the Chinese pantheon.

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