Centaur (equine)

Centaurs (equine) - "Centaurs"

Realm: Hellas
Typical Height Ranges: Males - 5'9" to 7'3" /// Females - 5'5" to 6'10"
Typical Weight Ranges: Males - 350 to 550 lbs /// Females - 300 to 500 lbs
Typical Alignments: Any
Typical Marks: Any, though Chiron, Zeus, and Ares are most common
Forcemarks: Ares, Aphrodite, Asclepius, Zeus, Chiron
Instinctive traits: Deliberation, Precision, Unity, Racial Pride, Stubbornness

The centaur is more or less exactly the beast we've come to know and love from mythology. For the most part, centaurs are fairly similar to one another, though there are hints as to their origins that can be discerned from their coats and "Breeds". Zeus' centaurs will tend to be thick, large, and darkened, in both skin and fur. Aphrodite's are generally sleeker, and are most often white-coated and fair-skinned. Chiron and Ares both favour solid dark colours and moderate builds, while Asclepius' centaurs run the full gamut of build and colour.

The centaur life cycle is similar to that of humans, although colts start off at the physical development of approximately a 5 year old human child, though adult maturity occurs at 18 to 20 years of age. Their lifespan is known to be longer than humans, but it remains to be seen whether modern medicine has narrowed this gap. Their senses are on par with humans, save for marginally better hearing. Their diet is omnivorous, though tolerates and enjoys a greater starch and raw fiber intake than the human digestive tract.

Centaur culture is based around acheivement and pride in the species, and can seem very insular at times. It takes significant effort on the behalf of forcemarks to gain any acceptance, so most simply end up on their own rather than among other centaurs. Native centaurs have a habit of clustering together within a city, or forming small satellite communities, for cultural and physical reasons, since their construction is different (sturdier and flatter) than human buildings. They are not above scientific advances, and have taken readily to manufactured shoes, weapons, tools, and packs, among other things, but most natives still do not wear clothing over fur.


"You should see centaurs. They put on shirts but just let their horse bits flap in the wind. It's hard not to laugh. ...But you shouldn't laugh. Because they'll kick you. .... They'll kick you hard." - Jim (from Skin Deep)

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