Bharat Shankar

Name: Bharat Shankar
Nationality: Indian
Age: 23
A young looking man, rather short at around 5'9'' tall. Rather scrawny build, with dark brown skin, brown eyes and short black hair. A thick moustache adorns his upper lip, though the rest of his chin is completely clean shaven. He's missing his fourth finger on his right hand and has a few scars along his right arm, while his left has a white patch of skin where it was burnt a long time ago.


Research, a bit of Indian cooking, writing, camping/desert survival, snake charming, parasailing and hanggliding


High school, 4th year of University, majoring in social sciences / sociology.


Active, exuberant and forever optimistic. Always has a keen eye for things and prefers to remain quiet and in the background. Though in a pinch isnt afraid to be at the forefront and center. He's also quite confrontational when his beliefs are questioned, to the point of stubbornness at times. However he's also a fair bit naive and that optimism

Brief Bio

Orphaned son of a rich Indian banker, currently living on inheritance and wise investments as he studies overseas. Born and raised in Hyderabad, India. Has had a rather tumultous life since youth, but keeps a positive attitude regardless. Despite being rich, he's actually surprisingly conservative, though this may be a byproduct of his past accidents.

That said, one thing he definately is is pseudo-liberal/anarchist. He has a great distrust of government as it works today, mostly due to being greatly disillusioned by the Indian government and its lack of care and severe corruption. While he doesnt hold western governments to the same disgust, he's more or less come to distrust any large authority figure - and thus has a great deal of fascination with the realms and the lack of central government there - at least it seems that way to him.

The realm in turn has spurred on his slightly religious side to the fore front and the clear question of where the hindu pantheon has gone is one of his obsessions and pet peeves. Combine it with his work in sociology degree and a clear ambition to get into the realms and you've got the potential for trouble.

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