Realm: Kemet
Typical Height Range: 3'6" to 5'
Typical Weight Range: 60 to 110 lbs
Center of population: Israel
Estimated population: 40,000 native, 70,000 former human


Basthept are exactly what you'd think of when you hear 'neko'. They're a mostly-female species that look very human, save for feline ear and tail 'add-ons', resembling those of domestic cats.

They have a peculiar life-cycle, in that they are born as infants, and grow through their entire physical adolescence in 3 years, at which point they resemble a 9-10 year old human girl. Their mental development plays catch up for a long time afterwards, and they're considered fully adult at age 20. However, during this time, they undergo very little physical change, and at age 20, they resemble a 12 year old human. They retain this stature, and continue to look very young by human standards, for over 100 years, often longer. If one dies of old age (almost invariably from a sort of rapid-onset brain function collapse that resembles Alzheimers), they will look nearly the same as they did at age 20. This can occur at an age anywhere between 120 and 160.

Notably, "upgraded" versions of the species exist, denoting a reward from the gods. These individuals resemble older humans, sometimes appearing as old as 17 or 18.

Basthept are able to reproduce at approximately age 20. For the 'base model' females, breasts do not grow until pregnancy, and recede after weaning. By default, they will be flat-chested. They have an extremely adaptive metabolism that seems to fluctuate dynamicly to keep their BMI at a standard baseline, so one will almost never find a fat basthept, and starving one takes a long time, during which their energy expenditure is very low.

Testing confirms that basthept suffer almost no adverse effects from ageing, until the point at which their brains can no longer cope with the strains of regeneration, and a rapid (sometimes hours, sometimes months) degenerative collapse kills them. Their diet is human normal. Gestation is 9 months. Hair and nail growth are human normal, but they grow replacement teeth. A set will come in over the course of a year, displacing the previous set of teeth. Generally this happens at around ages of 3, 20, 50, 80, 110, and 140.

Males constitute approximately 8% of the basthept population, and are not immediately distinguishable from the females except for genitalia and a modest difference in vocal tone.

Basthept vision averages 25/20, their hearing is slightly above human average in sensitivity, and well above human average in range. Their sense of smell is human-average.

Natural Magics

-A power akin to reverse-empathy, this confers an additional boost to empathy that other civilized beings may feel for them. This can be useful for recruiting otherwise dispassionate assistance or mercy, or even just for negotiating favourable deals.


Native basthept culture centres around, as their name implies, Bast. It is feline-centric to an extreme, and relies fairly heavily on clique mobs and a constant expectation of psychological warfare. This produces a culture that both looks and acts like large mobs of teenaged girls, varying between vicious and adorable, as each situation requires.

In basthept culture, receiving the gift of the size and apparent age that Bast can confer for service is a mark of considerable prestige, and those frequently shunned will seek this boon especially vigorously. Basthept, when unobserved by other races, are in a word: Drama-queens. Get it? Queens...? Nevermind.

Basthept tend to clump together in large social units of basthept, though other feline races are sometimes inducted. Each of these communities will be made up of smaller families of co-valent matriarchal lines, three to ten females that form an informal household, membership liable to shift over time. Males, being too scarce to be monopolized, rarely join these households permanently. More often, they are 'honoured guests' for spans of a few months when a family wants to have children, the males living on their hosts' generousity in return for paternal services.

Since realmfall, a large core population of Jewish basthept has emerged. These basthept have not had an easy time of their new lot in life, being subject to racism by other basthept, and outright genocide by fanatical muslims acting with a free hand to "resolve the conflict once and for all". Consequently, many of the Jewish basthept (AKA "חתוללוחםנשים" or roughly "Kholloknshim") have formed into larger social units made up of 50 to 300 individuals, with a highly militaristic bent, as these people are no strangers to the lore of their ancestors ever-ongoing struggle for survival. The family units of most of these basthept are far more stable and firmly affixed, going to great lengths to punish disloyalty. Amongst these ones, showing signs of Bast's favour is akin to being a traitor, not a celebrity. These battle-hardened and well-armed little women are not to be fucked with.

RP Notes

A vast majority of the native basthept will be underhanded, two-faced, moody, and cute as buttons. They really do exist to manipulate everyone, while arousing sympathy from one and all by being 'innocent' and 'cute' their entire lives.

Forcemark basthept are more complex, since their cultural preconceptions do not always match with the tendencies towards these attributes. Many describe challenges fitting in with native basthept, who declare their non-native status as a reason to look down on them. Meanwhile, interacting with humans can be constantly irritating, as humans most often fall into two camps: those unfamiliar with basthept who treat them like children, and those familiar with basthept, who are creeped out by knowing that this little girl is in fact an adult in every right.

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