Realm: Midgard
Typical Height Range: 6' to 7'
Typical Weight Range: 250 to 400 lbs
Center of population: Gothenburg, southern Finland
Estimated population: 50,000 native / 220,000 former human


Asjamarr are in essence anthro horses. They stand taller and thicker than a human, perched up on full hooves, though with an effectively human posture. The asjamarr head is approximately 10 to 12 inches longer than that of a human of comparable size, resulting in a shortened horselike structure. Their field of vision is extremely wide because their eyes are set in an equine fashion, although they do have more binocular overlap than an actual horse. Their hands have five fingers, although the proportions are not what humans are used to, favouring use of the middle and ring fingers rather than index and middle. Their fingernails are thick and tough, but do not alter their dexterity.

Their fur patterns are usually simple, occurring in large patches, while dappled examples are rare. They do not seem to resemble any one particular breed, instead having room for great variation of size, fur length, and so on. Whites, browns, and blacks are dominant colours, with the marks of some gods ending up statisticly more likely to be of one colour scheme than another.

Their vision is poor, at approximately 8/20 on average and dichromatic, but has a 250-degree range. Their sense of smell is acute, and their hearing has been recorded at marginally more sensitive than that of a real horse.

Females have two breasts (usually large by human standards) and average 280 pounds, compared to the average male's 350. Gestation is one year, with children born at 10-20 pounds. Lifespan is estimated to be capable of reaching 120 to 130, though 80-90 is more typical.

Their diet is strictly herbivorous, and includes virtually all plant matter, including tougher grasses and seeds than humans are able to process.

Natural Magics

-Asjamarr have a natural endurance boost conferred via magic. They seem to be able to jog almost endlessly, even under load.


Native Asjamarr are quite physical with one another, and high-energy high-contact sports have rapidly earned a place in Asjamarr collective culture. As early as 2003, they had eagerly taken up lacrosse, American Football, jai alai, and of course hockey (there was no shortage of Swedes and Finns among them, after all). Their flirting tends to be very hands-on, a punch in the chest can be a casual greeting, and social grooming is simply a part of interacting with family and friends. Asjamarr and other races both need to be cognizant of this difference in interactions.

Asjamarr aesthetics tend towards "long and flowing", preferring curves to straight lines and limp textures to rigid ones. The curves in particular manifest very often in their architecture. They tend away from dark or enclosed spaces, so their homes tend to be large and open. There's been a good deal of success selling pre-fab geodesic domes to asjamarr as homes.

They interact well enough with each other and other races, but tend to be a little more suspicious of those that they don't know well, particularly when they're out of sight. Spectres flitting about in darkness are an easy way to panic an asjamarr, and feature prominently in their stories. Yes, The Blair Witch Project is a legit horror movie for them.

They tend to band together in race-exclusive communities, and do prefer all-asjamarr villages, though this is by no means universal.

Roleplay Notes

When playing a natural asjamarr, some anthropocentricity is a good place to start, combined with some vanity and a heavy emphasis on physical actions (reacting more strongly to touch cues and preferring physical forms of entertainment). As a general rule, their communities tend towards being insular, so many asjamarr don't have extensive experience in dealing with larger cities or the scientific world.

Forcemarked asjamarr have often described the challenges associated with breaking away from the 'herd instinct' that makes asjamarr communities feel more comfortable than the broader world. They profess a greater appreciation of sports, both watching and playing, and many report that sporting was the outlet of expression that got them through their initial adjustment problems as they re-integrated into their prior lives. Some research indicates that asjamarr may be one of the 'happier' races for forcemarks to end up, since their physiology actively rewards them for healthy decisions like exercise, good diet, and lots of social contact. In addition, the race enjoys a good reputation because of their predisposition to conflict-avoidance, and is physically very capable.

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