Realm: Kemet
Typical Height Range: 4' to 5'6"
Typical Weight Range: 170 to 300 lbs
Center of population: Central Nile
Estimated population: 80,000 native / 590,000 former human


Ammit are squat and broadly built. They stand bipedal and plantigrade. In essence, they are a blended species, their components not as clearly demarked as indicated by classical mythologies. While their faces can be structurally compared to those of an alligator, the presence of mobile external ears, and the covering of short fur and tough hair does detract from the resemblance.
Their bodies are thick and round, with wide shoulders, thick ribs, and wide pelvis. Their arms and legs are short and extremely strong.

Their heads feature a very long snout and a broad field of vision. Their teeth are numerous and sharp, definitely geared to carnivorous eating. Ammit hide is very durable, and covered head to foot in rusty brown fur. Their tails are short and fat, and do not impede their sitting in human seats.

Their hands and feet both bear a superficial resemblance to feline paws, though with a familiar build to their human counterparts. Relatively stubby digits with thick pads, they have thick, sharp claws, and a covering of short fur. There seems to be very little sexual dimorphism in this species, and their bodies are thick enough that even the presence of breasts is not significant enough to make visually discerning one from the other easy when they are clothed below the waist. Their paws are quite broad, and are thickly webbed with very little fur. It has been postulated that this is an adaptation to allow easy movement in mud.

Ammit are very adept in water, with natural buoyancy and ballasting mechanisms, as well as transparent nictating membranes in their eyes. Without any training, an ammit can hold his/her breath for 3 to 4 minutes. The combination of these factors means that it is not uncommon to see an ammit simply ford a deep river by walking in one side and out the other.

The ammit sensory package is mixed. Their hearing is human-average, while their vision is typically about 12/20 dichromatic, albeit with excellent low-light and underwater sight, as well as a 300-degree range of vision. Their sense of smell is well above human, and functions underwater. They are fully endothermic, and will sweat very readily when overheating.

Ammit are an egg-laying species, with a pregnancy that lasts approximately 2 months, followed by a 2 month incubation period. Generally only one or two eggs are laid, after which the mother is not ready to conceive again for 2 years. Consequently, there are no maternal siblings within 2 years of age of one another.

Natural Magics

-Ammit share a natural sympathy with amut, and neither will generally be hostile to the other. Some even learn to communicate directly (enhanced empathy).
-Ammit are able to naturally access and traverse the underworld, though they are a primarily corporeal species. Some are rumoured to have soul-devouring powers in the underworld, but this may be a holdover from the older myths.


The culture built among ammit is one of rivers. Numerous sports, rituals, and interactions occur with a river-centric bent. They even have a number of words that no other races use specificly for identifying river geology. They are extremely skilled boatsmen, and tend to be very physical in most interactions.

The tehknil is a small boat specificly designed to be easy to board, and easy to stand on, circular with a broad balance and usually some anchoring mechanism. Young (and sometimes older) ammit will use padded or bare staffs to knock one another from their tehknil. An annual event in most Nile cities involves almost every available tehknil being floated downriver at the same time in a huge tournament, often with prizes, for being the last ammit standing. Humans have often joined in, but do not manage to win this contest, since Ammit seem to have a natural advantage in this water-sumo.

Ammit seem to prefer smaller communities rather than large cities, and have an almost greek style of living, working lazily through the day, and spending most evenings gathering into circles of family and friends to talk extensively and to enjoy foods and wines. Ammit are intensely monogamous and loyal, and are also extremely judgemental of those they do not consider friends.

Roleplay notes

Ammit inherently have short tempers, and are quick to become intimidating, snapping teeth and bellowing until calmed. They instinctively grapple rather than brawl when faced with an opponent, and are extremely difficult to dislodge once they have a grip or bite. Aside from famously short tempers, ammit have instincts to seek out water to immerse themselves in when hot or cold, and no aversion to mud or murk. They are habitually energy-conservative, and do not like to expend more effort than is required, particularly during the heat of the day. Ammit instinctively see themselves as righteous.

When playing a forcemarked ammit, some of the challenges they face (or have faced) are keeping their cool in aggravating scenarios, overcoming their increased misgivings over those that do not share their values, finding ways to incorporate bodies of water into their daily routine if they do not live adjacent to a river, adjusting to eating large quantities of meat in infrequent intervals.

"Ammit" refers to the people, while "Amut" refers to the animal version, which has a distinctive crocodile tail, and weighs between 800 and 1500 pounds.

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